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Sundial is the leading
installer of commercial
and industrial PV systems
in Minnesota!

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Sundial has special
programs for Churches
and Nonprofits.

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Sundial designs and installs
high efficiency off-grid systems
for lake homes and cabins.

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Extreme climate? Hot or cold,
our systems can handle it all!
Sundial PV systems can stand
up to their environment.

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Sundial produces the most
efficient, reliable, and durable
solar power systems for
remote sites and emergency
power stations

Off Grid


P9252103Off-grid solar power gives you power options where you never knew there were any. We have the simplest, most durable, and safest off-grid systems available anywhere. With off grid power you essentially become your own electric company. When the sun shines, you store excess electricity in batteries and then draw on it later as you need. Sundial Solar designs and packages battery-based, off-grid power systems for use in:

  • Cabins
  • Lake homes
  • Archeology sites
  • Outbuildings
  • Remote locations
  • Pump stations
  • Disaster relief
  • Emergency power stations
  • Nature centers
  • Portable power
  • Research stations
  • Street lights

Sundial off-grid systems use high-efficiency inverters to create standard AC electricity which powers normal everyday appliances, same as you would in a regular home. There is no need for expensive DC appliances or fixtures. Our systems are simple, safe, and last longer than others.