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Sundial is the leading
installer of commercial
and industrial PV systems
in Minnesota!

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Sundial has special
programs for Churches
and Nonprofits.

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Sundial designs and installs
high efficiency off-grid systems
for lake homes and cabins.

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Extreme climate? Hot or cold,
our systems can handle it all!
Sundial PV systems can stand
up to their environment.

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Sundial produces the most
efficient, reliable, and durable
solar power systems for
remote sites and emergency
power stations

Commercial Solar Power Solutions

Sundial specializes in commercial/industrial solar PV solutions for all your electrical power needs, from the very small (10kW) to the extra large (1MW+).  Call to discuss your upcoming project.  We bet we’ll have some ideas you would like to hear.Types:   Roof-tops, ground mount, carports, shade canopies, solar farms. Applications: Commercial and industrial buildings, warehouses, hospitals and medical buildings, National Park facilities, transportation depots, water treatment plants, parking lots, vacant land..

Step 1: Feasibility Analysis

  • Preliminary prospectus
  • Solar survey and building inspection
  • Coordinate project team

Step 2: Financing

  • Find and assess available incentives
  • Evaluation of financing options
  • Preparation of paperwork; filing for incentives

Step 3: Site Planning and System Design

  • Project planning
  • PV System siting
  • Map out supply chain
  • Engineering and logistical analysis

Step 4: Engineering and Specifications

  • Structural engineering
  • Final system design and plans
  • Submittal to the AHJ

Step 5: Procurement and Installation

  • Equipment procurement
  • Transportation
  • On-site material handling
  • System Installation
  • Final Inspections
  • System commissioning and testing

Step 6: Operations and Maintenance

  • Training of facilities personnel
  • Field service and technical support
  • Monitoring